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TELL HOW GOD HAS BLESSED YOU — Our Stewardship Department is looking for inspiring testimonials. If you have something to share, please contact Arek Bojko (630.480.4765, or talk to your local pastor.

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS NEEDED — If you enjoy working with children while maintaining a flexible work schedule, you should consider becoming a Substitute Teacher. The Illinois Conference Office of Education is looking for Substitute Teachers – please send your resumes to Sandra Agosto . There are 10 schools in the state of Illinois - check to see if one is in your area


Probably most of us have witnessed or experienced a situation when during the worship service as deacons move between the rows, people nervously reach into their pockets, purses, or wallets, to find something to put in the offering plate. Some eventually find something, others do not. Although we all know that the offering is a part of our worship service, not all of us remember and are ready for it. At least, not always. Thus, we offer whatever is available at the moment, not necessarily what we would offer, if we had thought about it more deeply.

As we enter into the New 2021 Year I would like to encourage you toward planned and systematic giving. If you are doing it already, thank you for your faithful support of the mission of the church! May God bless you richly. You can skip the next part.

For those to whom the idea is new, after faithfully returning your tithe, think and plan how much you can give for the other needs? Think of how much you have been blessed and how your offerings reflect those blessings. How do they compare to the nonessential spending in your budget?

In your planning, first remember the needs of your local congregation. Then, the projects of the Illinois Conference, North American Division, and the church worldwide. Plan how much are you going to give each month. When you decide, stick to your commitment and be systematic. I would encourage you to rather start small and grow as you progress, than to make a big and unrealistic commitment which you will change later. After few months you can always evaluate your giving and increase it. You can commit to giving a certain dollar amount or a percentage of your income. Some people, for example, start with 1% beyond the tithe, and as they prayerfully grow in this experience, they increase the amount. Whatever you chose, be consistent. As it eventually becomes natural God will show you the next steps in your stewardship journey.

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