THE TABLE PODCAST — Hey, Illinois Conference Youth! We are SO EXCITED to introduce you to something old, but also kind of new, called “The Table Podcast”! We know we can’t be together in person for our normal 1Day Youth Rally, but COVID has given us the chance to expand our time together over several nights, instead of just one day, to bring you this awesome event. So, from Oct. 29 to Nov. 1, we are going to be chatting with a few special guests about how to un-complicate our relationship with God, and explore how doing that simplifies everything else. Join the conversation on Facebook (ILC Youth + Young Adults), YouTube (ILC YouthYA), or on Instagram (illinois.youth). Register now to get a free t-shirt sent right to your home. See you soon!


Communication Training  Join the Lake Union Conference virtually from November 4 - December 16 every Wednesday at 1-2 pm (2-3 pm Eastern) for FREE TRAINING from professionals across the Lake Union Conference and North American Division. We will be discussing newsletters, photo and video, livestreaming, Adventist branding guidelines and best practices for websites. Join us on the Lake Union Conference Facebook and Youtube pages!


Words and phrases carry meaning and understanding. When they are repeatedly used, they instill a certain understanding. Then our understanding influences our attitudes and actions.

I always have an adverse reaction when I hear the expression “paying tithe.” Why? I pay my bills for services rendered to me; I pay for groceries, gas, and for whatever I purchase, but paying tithe..?

A payment is the voluntary tender of money or its equivalent or of things of value by one party to another in exchange for goods, or services provided by them, or to fulfill a legal obligation.” (Wikipedia).

In the process of paying, I exchange my money for goods that are not mine but become mine after the exchange. I do not pay tithe. I return to the rightful owner what does not belong to me. It is not a transaction but an act of stewardship. So, stop paying and join me in returning! It will change your perspective of your place in the universe.   – Arek Bojko, Stewardship Director, Illinois Conference

TELL HOW GOD HAS BLESSED YOU — Our Stewardship Department is looking for inspiring testimonials. If you have something to share, please contact Arek Bojko (630.480.4765, or talk to your local pastor.

SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS NEEDED — If you enjoy working with children while maintaining a flexible work schedule, you should consider becoming a Substitute Teacher. The Illinois Conference Office of Education is looking for Substitute Teachers – please send your resumes to Sandra Agosto . There are 10 schools in the state of Illinois - check to see if one is in your area

Communication from the Conference — Receive information from the conference right to your smart phone.  Please text ILC to the following number (844) 947-6582 to begin receiving materials and information in real time.  


SOUTHERN ILLINOIS YOUTH RALLY —  The 2020 Southern Illinois Youth Rally is right around the corner, and you are invited to join the fun! At 10 am on November 14th, youth from all across the Southern IL area will be gathering virtually to worship, and fellowship together. You won’t want to miss out on this awesome experience, so head over to to lock in your spot!

SAVE THE DATE - YOUTH EVENT — Young Adult Worship Night November 20, 2020.  More info to follow. 

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