Reservations (only Camp sites left)

  • Please complete a reservation form if you are attending camp meeting.
  • This INCLUDES if you will attend on Sabbath only, and would like to attend either lunch or the complimentary supper.  We need this information for catering purposes.  It is also desirable that meals are paid for ahead of time, to avoid having to do those transactions on Sabbath.
  • If some of the family are going to be staying for some nights, and other family members joining later, please complete a form for each variation:  For example, if one parent and children will be staying during the week, but the other can only stay for Friday night, please complete one form for the family, and another form for the one joining later.  They can be paid for together, but the calculator on the form cannot provide for this kind of variation, so two forms are needed.

Camp Akita / Camp Meeting Guidelines

2019 Camp Meeting Reservation Form (Interactive Excel Calculator form with built in prices and calculations)  

2019 Camp Meeting Reservation Form (blank for manual filling)

Price Sheet 

Online Payment Portal (Click here to make a payment with your credit card)

Available Accommodations:  All Duplex Cabins, Motel rooms and chalet floors are already reserved.  Rustic cabins, tenting and RV hook-up spaces still available. 

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