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The Ministerial Department provides the local congregation with pastoral resources. The department director fills the role of a pastor’s pastor to help enhance their ability to serve. The department’s goals are to provide an atmosphere so pastors may be used of God as dynamic channels for the Holy Spirit, and to offer opportunities for them to improve skills through numerous seminars as well as continuing education.

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Delmar Austin
Ministerial Director      
  Justo Morales
Associate Ministerial Director
  Veronica Sotelo

The Pastor—The pastor has been appointed to be the spiritual leader of the local congregation by the conference committee. It is the pastor’s function to coordinate all the evangelism activities that present the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the community. By sermons, visitation, counseling, and earnest prayers in behalf of those in need, the pastor sets the example for church members and leads the way by inspiring the members to be a truly caring, soul-winning body of people.

The pastor’s highest work is to develop the local church into a training center for Christian service. It is important that the pastor find ways to involve each member in some phase of church activity so that everyone possible can participate in the joy of being a part of the team.

Forms for Pastors can be found in the forms and documents section of the resources tab in the menu.