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Adventist Community Services (ACS)
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The community services ministry reaches out to a variety of needs in our various communities. These may consist of seminars, food or clothing distribution, or help in dealing with local disasters.


Who is Adventist Community Services?
Adventist Community Services is the non-profit, humanitarian agency for the Seventh-day Adventist Church that works within the United States and Bermuda through more than 1,100 localities and upholds the beliefs of the World Seventh-day Adventist Church organization.

What does Adventist Community Services do?
Adventist Community Services meets people's immediate needs through social services such as tutoring and mentoring programs, youth volunteer corps, health screening education and assistance, inner city missions and disaster response.

Why does Adventist Community Services exist?
Adventist Community Services' mission is to "serve the poor and hurting in Christ's name." As national crises increase and people's needs become more complex, Adventist Community Services purpose is to care for and show compassion to the disadvantaged by increasing its workforce, resources and innovative programs.

How do I get more information?
There are several ways you can become involved with Adventist Community Services. For brochures or customer service, please call (630) 856-2850, or send an e-mail.

If your church has a Adventist Community Services program and you have an interesting story about how the program is making a difference in the lives of others, please e-mail the article. The article should be 250 - 500 words. It should include a title, author's name and at least one photo with captions. The article may be used for our website here, e-newsletter or printed in other Adventist publications. 

For more information click on one of the links above or click here to visit Adventist Community Services web site. Click here for a list of Illinois Community Service Centers.

Keys to Adventist Community Services is a booklet which gives all the information needed to begin your local church ACS Center​.

Link to the State of Illinois disaster preparedness website.

Our current contact for disaster relief is Pastor Elton DeSousa.