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There is no substitute for finding truth in the Bible. While many people have personal ideas about what is true, the Bible introduces us to the Source of all truth. Some helpful series of studies are highlighted below: 

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Discover what the Bible says about life's big questions! Here you will find counsel, direction, encouragement and help, all from God's Word.

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FREE Bible Guides answer these questions:
Where is God when people are suffering ?
When a person dies, what then?
What is the secret of a happy life?
Is there hope for our chaotic world? ... and more!  
Explore what Scripture says about your past, present and future destiny. Navigate the high seas of spiritual discovery! Learn how to study Scripture for truth and personal guidance.

Adventist World Radio  
A somewhat surprising Bible study resource comes from Adventist World Radio (AWR). A variety of languages are available for use with neigbors, or people far away.