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Updated: Jan 10, 2018

"Now, our God, we give you thanks,
and praise Your glorious name . . .
Everything comes from you,
and we have given You only
what comes from your hand."
                  1 Chronicles 29:13-14      
Stewardship Director

Our Stewardship Dept. serves to assist pastors and local leaders in teaching the Biblical principles of Christian stewardship, as well as teaching our members how to put these principles to practical use through Tithe and Offerings which finance the worldwide mission of the Church--taking the everlasting gospel and final warning message to every nation, kindred, tongue and people!

 Asscociate Stewardship Director
for Hispanic Ministries
The following stewardship education materials are available through this website:

Personal Giving Plan  (brochure & DVD)

The Biblically based Personal Giving Plan, outlined
on the Adventist Tithe envelope, is a systematic and efficient method for distributing ourTithe and Offerings to all phases of God's work, at home and around the World.  The plan makes it possible for the Adventist Church to maintain a soul-winning work in 200 countries, preaching and teaching in more than 600 languages and dialects worldwide.  

Personal Giving Plan DVDproduced by the NAD Stewardship Dept., provides an excellent, easy-to-understand explanation of the plan.  This DVD contains two versions of the presentation--an 8-minute and a 17-minute, in three languages--English, Spanish, and French.  Copies of the PGP DVD for viewing in your church(s) are available from the Illinois Conference Stewardship Dept. and from AdventSource. 

The Stewpot  (bulletin insert)

The Stewpot is a monthly 4-page stewardship education bulletin insert published by Dr. Gordon Botting, Stewardship Director for the Pacific Union.  A subscription is purchased annually by the Illinois Conf. Stewardship Dept.  The Stewpot is emailed monthly to every pastor in the Illinois Conf.  Those who chose to use this resource forward it either to the local church bulletin secretary or stewardship leader for printing and insertion in the church bulletin.  Previous issues are available here by clicking on the desired month below.  

The Stewpot (English)


The Stewpot (Spanish)

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Dynamic Steward  (magazine)

The Dynamic Steward is a quarterly stewardship magazine published by the General Conference Stewardship Dept.  It contains stewardship articles and sermons designed to assist pastors and leaders with stewardship education in the local church.  To review current or past issues, click on Dynamic Steward, and then follow the instructions on the GC Stewardship Dept. website. 

Offering Schedule  
To review or print the Offering Schedule, click on the link below.
2018 Offering Schedule - English  (PDF)
2018 Offering Schedule - Spanish  (PDF)

Look for the printed Sunset Calendar and Offering Schedule, provided in the February issue of the Illinois Focus, which comes as a center insert in the Lake Union Herald magazine.  If you would like to print a Sunset and Offering Schedule in bookmark format, please click on the link below.
2018 Sunset and Offering Schedule (black and white, bookmark-style, three on a page, back-to-back)
2018 Sunset and Offering Schedule (color, one page)
 Offertory Readings
The North American Division Offertory Readings, which follow the NAD offering schedule, are prepared by the NAD Stewardship Dept. and edited by the Illinois Conf. Stewardship Dept. before being distributed to our churches in December each year.  Every Sabbath, the local elder responsible for the offering appeal is encouraged to familiarize himself or herself with the content of the reading before the worship service.  To review or print the Offertory Readings, click on the desired link below. 
Stewardship Seminars

The Stewardship Dept. is available to conduct the following seminars in your local church:
  • Biblical Stewardship Principles (learn what the Bible teaches about managing God's gifts)
  • Christian Family Finance (a Biblical approach featuring budgeting and getting & staying out of debt)
  • Personal Giving Plan (learn how the Church finances our worldwide mission through Tithe & offerings)
The following seminars are available from AdventSource for pastors or leaders to conduct in your local church:
  • Faith & Finance (a 12-lesson Biblically based finance seminar on PPT or DVD with workbooks)
  • ABC's of Financial Freedom (Dr. Gordon Botting's family finance seminar on VHS with workbooks)
  • It's Your Money, Isn't It? (Dr. G. Edward Reid's family finance seminar on DVD with workbooks)

Additional Stewardship Resources

Additional stewardship information, ideas, and education materials--pamphlets, brochures, books, videos, and seminars--are available on the following websites: