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Elder Del Dunavant loves communing with God and helping others to enjoy the same. For the last twenty-five years, prayer has been his primary focus and his favorite subject to share with others. Del received his Doctor of Ministry degrree from Andrews University in the area of biblical spirituality. He is married to Mary Ellen and has two grown daughters, and six grand children. His hobby is woodworking. Del is the Northern California Conference director of church growth and evangelism. He also serves as the pastor of the Stockton-Central Seventh-day Adventist Church in California.

Material from the 2011 Prayer Retreat at Camp Akita is available on this web page. You may view the documents or listen to the files. But distributing or publishing these materials is only appropriate with permission from the author. The materials are available below:

Audio Files from the Prayer Retreat:

"Cheer Leading For God -- Celebrating God's Moving Through Prayer" (Friday Night: Testimonies guided by Pastor Ron Schultz)
"Don't Go Without This" (The importance of Prayer), (Sabbath Early Morning: Del Dunavant)
Editor's Note: The sermon: "Don't Go Without This" was previously posted, but it had the MP3 file for "God Loves Diversity." This has been corrected.
"God Loves Diversity in Prayer" (Personality and Prayer, Part 1), (Sabbath Mid Morning: Del Dunavant)
"What Moves You to Pray?" (Personality and Prayer, Part 2), (Sabbath Afternoon: Del Dunavant)
"A Head, Heart, and Hands Prayer Life" (Personality and Prayer, Part 3), (Saturday Night: Del Dunavant)
(This message included a story that was sensitive in nature. As a result, the story has been removed from the MP3 recording--which is actually two recordings spliced together.)
"Lifting the Sail of Prayer" (Sunday Early Morning: Ron Schultz) [not recorded: a PDF of the notes is supplied]
"Creating a Healthy, Local Prayer Ministry" (Sunday Mid Morning: Del Dunavant)
(The first 31 minutes of this MP3 file are testimonies of Prayer Coordinators. After that is the message from Del Dunavant.)

Documents Related to this prayer retreat (click on each one you wish to download):

Don't Go Without This
God Loves Diversity
Myer-Briggs Temperament Prayer Styles
What Moves You to Pray?
A Head, Heart, Hands Prayer Life
How to Start a Healthy Local Prayer Ministry

Prayer Coordinators' Job Description
Prayer Resources
The Ministry of Prayer Bookmark

[Please note that higher quality audio files are rather large. Low quality versions download faster. As a result, the above files are low quality MP3.]

Editing Note: There was a wireless microphone used by the speaker. At times, another roving microphone was available for others to make comments. But, due to problems with the sound system, the other microphone was often not used. As a result, comments from others are very quiet. Where possible, the sound has been maximized (but is still barely audible). At other times (where the sound was too faint) sections have been deleted (comments of others). The resulting files are shorter, but still include the message by Elder Dunavant and some of the comments of others.

This web page was last updated November 11, 2011. Only one message audio file is missing (it was not recorded). Notes of that message have been added on this page (see "Lifting the Sail of Prayer").